Screenguard have been installing and maintaining automatic gate systems throughout the country for over 40 years with our range of swing and sliding gates designed for commercial and industrial applications. With a maximum swing gate leaf weight of 800kgs and a maximum leaf width of 7 metres, and a maximum sliding gate leaf weight of 3500kgs, we have a solution for every swing, sliding and folding gate automation project you will encounter.

As well as security and reliability, safety is another priority with every Came gate automation system we install. We use Came 24V encoder technology for rapid obstacle detection as well as the standard safety devices for every system. As DHF members, every gate project is individually risk assessed for safety and reliability.

All our installed systems feature CameConnect that links your gate system back to our service desk so the barrier can alert us if it detects any faults. We also provide a smartphone app for you that allows you full remote control over your system, so you can control your system from anywhere and have the barrier operate with geofence or Amazon Alexa commands.

Please have a look at the options below and choose what type of gate would suit your entrance best. We would be delighted to help you in any way to bring to life the gate of your imagination!