Cloud Based Proactive System Monitoring

ConstantCheck® is our cloud based proactive maintenance and monitoring system which monitors your site to make sure that your Screenguard systems onsite are operational and fit for purpose when they are needed most and detects issues around the clock, ensuring they are resolved before they become critical.

CCTV Systems

We can ConstantCheck® a wide range of CCTV systems from our cloud servers. The system will check for camera failures, disk errors, recording problems, system time inaccuracies and many others. On compatible systems, we can check for tampered camera views, obscured, moved, out of focus, too bright or too dark views from each camera on the system.

Gates and Barriers

We can ConstantCheck® our gate and barrier systems to monitor for system failures and alerts. We can also provide emergency override functions to assist in the event  of a failure.

Access Control

We can ConstantCheck® our cloud based access control systems to safeguard against any system errors or alerts.

Rapid Response

Engineers can be automatically assigned to repair any faults that appear on your systems and keep your downtime to a minimum.