Our first steps on the market

Our history begins back in 1990, when security and parking systems in Ireland were in their infancy. The name Screenguard came from the CCTV screens which were just being commercialised and you can see the CCTV monitor in our logo which originally came with the tagline "Profit From Extra Eyes"! Our very first system was installed in the Magic Carpet in Cabinteely, leasing a CCTV system over 5 years!

Bringing Charge Parking to Ireland

Screenguard have always been innovating and bringing new products to the Irish market. Screenguard designed and manufactured the first private charge parking systems in Ireland which went was installed in Beaumont Hospital. Soon hospitals, churches and Local Authorities had the Screenguard systems installed throughout the country making money for their owners

Automatic Doors

Our links to the Italian gate and barrier automation manufacturers brought us into the automatic door market. Automatic doors were virtually unheard of at that time and we brought a range of swing and sliding operators for commercial installations into the country and promoted them very successfully to architectural practices throughout the land

Enterprise Access Control Systems

Screenguard have been installing large scale access control systems since the mid-80s, going back to the days of Schlage 708P hardware which was the first proximity card system. The systems were controlled by some of the first IBM PCs as well as PDP-11 and MicroVAX systems. It was the days of floppy disks and tapes, dumb terminals and serial printers! We are always proud to be known as Europe's oldest Software House dealer and have installed systems that are still functioning twenty years later! The C.Cure700, C.Cure750, C.Cure800 and now C.Cure9000 Security Managament Systems have been a part of the Screenguard history for decades!

Digital CCTV

Screenguard were one of the first companies to migrate to Digital CCTV solutions as they became available on the market. Our very strong in-house technical team were always comfortable with networking and computer technologies and this allowed us to be a leader in digital CCTV and the very early DVRs that arrived on the market. The DVRs came before the IP cameras and these digital technologies are still jumping forward at incredible rates!

Enterprise Systems Integration

As security requirements have evolved and corporations have become global, the security technologies have become more integrated and scaled up to cater for expanded requirements. Screenguard have always been at the forefront of driving standards and solutions, lobbying manufacturers about cyber-security and functionality and advising clients on resilient architectures that focus on business outcomes. This is what makes us one of the premier systems integrators in our field!